WE are connectors.  WE are relationship Builders.  That's all we do.

who are they?

Today's savvy consumers are inundated with thousands of messages every single day.  Businesses need to capture attention, to differentiate from the pack, and to engage the audience.  Messaging must be tailored to meet the needs, goals, and challenges of individuals, not the masses.  Understanding WHO they are is the first step to crafting an effective strategy.

What's important?

In the 'olden days,' (7 - 10 years ago), marketing consisted of sharing a brand's message that stated, "Here's what I want to share."  Today, marketing is consumer-centric and about WHAT they want to receive, not what we want to say.  It's about asking great questions to understand underlying issues and then delivering a unique message to each person that yes, I see your pain and can help you past it.  

Once you know who THEY are and WHAT's important, the final piece to the puzzle is WHERE do THEY hang out?  

Our clients serve the B2B community, so LinkedIn is, hands-down, the most important social platform for them.  Our goal is that no one knows we're in the background and that we can represent our clients a little better than they could themselves.

where are they?


Our proven system: 

  • Picks up where Sales Navigator leaves off by automating Lead Gen

  • Keeps in touch with 1st degree connections

  • Builds personal brand, exposure, and expertise

Franchise lead generation

We connect people interested in owning a franchise with top-tier franchise consultants who help them find the perfect fit that matches their goals, lifestyle, and skill set.  Talk about a rewarding job!

Digital services

We are also skilled content creators, seasoned digital marketers, and great at a few other things. 

Our staff is educated, dedicated, and good at what we do.  We've worked in corporate positions; we're small business owners; we're wine lovers; and most importantly, we're parents, spouses, children, and friends.  Our goal is to make your business successful, whatever that looks like for you, so you can fully embrace and enjoy life.  Cheers!

Heather Doering, Owner

Heather founded Ace in 2013.  She's people passionate and chooses to embrace each day as a new adventure.


When she earned her BA in Psychology from Michigan State, digital marketing didn't exist (yes, she's THAT old!).  She's self-taught and incorporates consumer psychology into her work.


Heather is an active member of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, is on the advisory board of the Workforce Alliance Initiative,  chairs the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Smart FemPreneur Summit, and loves living in metro Detroit.    She also owns IN3 Network, which provides education and support to women entrepreneurs.


Heather is a mom of 2 amazing young men and an awesome but sometimes pesky dog.  She enjoys reading, working out, Saturday mornings at Eastern Market, and spending time with family and friends.

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Stefanie Krause, Franchise and Lead Gen Expert

Stefanie joined the company in April 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from Walsh College.

She has worked in business and client services in various capacities for General Motors, Masco, ProQuest, and most recently, The University of Michigan.

Stefanie is very passionate about her work and is elated to be working for a company that gives her adequate work-life balance.

She is a mom to 2 young boys and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her kids and husband. She also loves traveling, meeting up with friends, and going wine tasting.

Bridget Baisch, LinkedIn  and Digital Services

Bridget owns Bridget Baisch Consulting, helping clients effectively communicate to get desired results.  She brings her communication expertise to Ace by helping with content creation, LinkedIn management, and system implementation. 


Her many years in the corporate realm bring a well-rounded apprach to small business marketing.  She's able to take a strategic approach to  serve clients. 


Bridget and her husband enjoy yoga and are proud pet parents.


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