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WE amplify.  WE connect.  we empower.


Merriam-Webster defines Amplify as "to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity): to INCREASE."

What amplificiation challenges does your business face - connecting with ideal clients, building authentic relationships, crafting a powerful brand, empowering a balanced, healthy team, and optimizing individual and organizational performance?

Push the Amplify Easy button today!


We believe that successful businesses are built upon genuine, authentic relationships with those 'right' people - clients, staff, collaborative partners, cheerleaders. 

We Connect - businesses to clients, management to teams, people to people, resources to leaders, which empowers businesses to thrive.  

Strong Connections are the cornerstone of healthy businesses and relationships.  We believe that people-centric engagement and processes differentiate from the competition, drive intentional connectivity, and amplify businesses.

We all want to feel Empowered to do good, to build something of value, to help others. 


How do you Empower your business and your team?  That's a loaded question!  We believe it starts with understanding how to accomplish goals and meet needs; about connecting people with tools and resources that set them up for success; and about understanding the objectives and challenges of your customers.  We then craft a custom strategy that amplifies your success and Empowers you and your team to thrive.  




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Our proven system: 

  • Amplifies leads, the strength of relationships, and brand perception 

  • Connects clients with highly qualified prospects and keeps them engaged with existing connections

  • Empowers clients to do what they do best while we take care of  crafting their stellar online presence

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It's impossible to be in business alone.  We need a tribe that surrounds us and the guidance of a wise sage who's been there/done that to partner with us on the journey. 


Looking for someone to support you along the way?  ACE is your Journey Partner, offering a listening ear, thoughtful conversation, and intentional accountability.


The Kick ACE Club is for B2B professionals who yearn to be part of a powerful group to learn, grow, and build.

ACE works with those who have made that jump from employee to owner to develop comprehensive, customized strategies that  empower them to amplify business.  We also craft custom content (optimized blogs, explainer videos, branded graphics) that engage, inform, and delight.

Optimized performance

We believe that high performing people make the world a better place.  ACE's founder, Heather Doering, is a certified  NeuroZone® coach, empowering teams and individuals to improve their brain's ability to not only survive, but THRIVE!  


The NeuroZone® assessment empowers teams  to creatively solve complex problems, to innovate, and to optimize individual and group performance.

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about Ace.

Our staff is educated, dedicated, and good at what we do.  We've worked in corporate positions; we're small business owners; we're wine and bourbon lovers; and most importantly, we're parents, spouses, children, and friends.  4 of us are Michigan State grads, and we fully embrace the lone University of Michigan guy in our midst.  Our goal is to make your business successful, whatever that looks like for you, so you can fully embrace and enjoy life.  Cheers!

Heather Doering, Owner

Heather founded Ace in 2013.  She's people passionate and chooses to embrace each day as a new adventure.


When she earned her BA in Psychology from Michigan State, digital marketing didn't exist (yes, she's THAT old!).  She's self-taught and incorporates consumer psychology into her work.  In addition to being a self-proclaimed LinkedIn guru, she is a coach and NeuroZone® certified.


Heather is an active member of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, is on the advisory board of the Workforce Alliance Initiative, chairs the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Smart FemPreneur Summit, and loves living in metro Detroit.  She also owns IN3 Network, which provides education and support to women entrepreneurs.


Heather is a mom of 2 amazing young men and an awesome but sometimes pesky dog.  She enjoys reading, working out, Saturday mornings at Eastern Market, and spending time with family and friends.

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Scott McGlone, VP of Business Development

Scott brings a diverse and well-developed skillset to the Ace team.  He earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, spent many years working in IT, has earned national sales awards, and is a former business owner.  

Scott is active in the community - he currently serves on the board of the Canton Chamber of Commerce, is a past board member of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, and is a charter member of the Workforce Innovation Alliance.  


Scott is dad to his cat, Mr. Peepers, loves cruisin' in his '67 Fairlane through the streets of downtown Plymouth, enjoys a good bourbon, and appreciates Saturday mornings at Eastern Market.

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Stefanie Krause, Marketing Manager 

Stefanie joined the company in April 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from Walsh College.

She has worked in business and client services in various capacities for General Motors, Masco, ProQuest, and most recently, The University of Michigan.

Stefanie is very passionate about her work and is elated to be working for a company that gives her adequate work-life balance.

She is a mom to 2 young boys and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her kids and husband. She also loves traveling, meeting up with friends, and going wine tasting.

Bridget Baisch, LinkedIn and Digital Services

Bridget owns Bridget Baisch Consulting, helping clients effectively communicate to get desired results.  She brings her communication expertise to Ace by helping with content creation, LinkedIn management, and system implementation. 


Her many years in the corporate realm bring a well-rounded approach to small business marketing.  She's able to take a strategic approach to serve clients. 


Bridget and her husband enjoy yoga and are proud pet parents.


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Brian Marr, Data Master

Brian is an auditor by day, data master by night.  He tracks client success, assembles all of those awesome reports, and keeps us on the straight and narrow.  We (especially Heather, who, as a wordsmith and psychologist, is not a fan of numbers) appreciate his attention to detail, consistency, and the addition he makes to the team.



Allison Biss, Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert

Allison is a Senior at Central Michigan University studying Broadcast and Cinematic Arts. She loves all things music and media and is enthusiastic about a future career that will combine her passions and her dedication to serving others.  She is heavily involved in her campus community, serving as a Campus Ambassador, Peer Mentor, Social Media and Web Director for the student radio station, and the Social Media Director for a local student-run venture, Ignite Donuts.  


Allison enjoys hosting her podcast, playing her ukulele, watching Hallmark movies with her mom, and taking photos of nature.  

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Daisy, Chief Barking Officer

Daisy has risen through the ranks very quickly at ACE Strategies.  She started as an intern puppy 9 years ago and now serves as our CBO, VP of Treat Tasting, and Chief Plate Licker.  When not in the office or hiding from scary noises, Daisy enjoys swimming, long walks and runs, and cuddling on cold nights.  She is a foodie but prefers delicacies other than fruits and vegetables.  She loves the role she fills at ACE and looks forward to many years of service.



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