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It's hard to be in business by yourself.  We believe we're stronger and more successful together.  The Kick ACE Club packs each month with exclusive events, training, and expert guidance.  Our goal:  to help you ignite your business and Kick ACE!  

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There are so many things we must master to run a successful business.  The Kick ACE Club provides exclusive access to experts and resources that have a proven track record in the B2B space, helping you reclaim precious time and stop the spend on 'solutions' that are just the opposite!



Successful business owners must master much to reach their goals!  Whether your a DIY-er or a hire-it-done person, we've got you covered.  

  • Learn - Monthly members-only training sessions that dive into the stuff you need to know to grow

  • News You Can UseTips, resources, and valuable information  delivered straight to your inbox each month

  • Curated content that helps you generate leads, build your list, and convert conversations into dollars

  • Member Moments (Annual Members only) - member spotlight opportunities


It's lonely at the top, and random networking just doesn't cut it.  Unite with like-minded entrepreneurs across the city and the world!

  • Monthly Intention Event that connects those sharing similar customer bases (can you say referral network???!!!)

  • Monthly Meet & Greet Event - speed networking, happy hour, coffee connect, lunch and learn -  oh, the opportunities are endless! 

  • Member Directory - share what makes you shine with our members 

  • Member Forum - a space to build relationships with members who will benefit from knowing you!



And empower others!  Each month, we'll feature:

  • MOVE Webinar - a live, members-only webinar presented by a small business expert, designed to Master skills, Optimize systems and processes, Visualize next steps, and Empower you to build and grow

  • Open Forum - a LIVE opportunity to come together to ask questions, engage with the ACE team, celebrate successes, share ideas, and overcome challenges we all face


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